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Welcome to Artsy Mind Fine Arts School!


My name is Lana Gurieva - the owner and principal instructor at the school.  Since my early childhood, art has held a defining role in my life and I feel tremendous joy from creative process. I have started drawing at the age of 5 and, many years and two art degrees later, I decided to open the arts school where I can create the same experience as inspired me to become an artist.  I hold an Associate degree in Fine Arts and a Bachelor degree in Graphic Design, have years of experience teaching and creating art and was teaching art classes for students of all ages at the Rosewood Arts Centre in Kettering and the Middletown Arts Center.


The studio has been opened since April 2019. At the Artsy Mind arts school, we promote an environment where everyone, regardless of skill level and personal goals, can enjoy the process of creating art.  We have small groups 3-12 students, so we can provide enough attention to each pupil.  We offer classes for both children and adults as well as covering a range of different techniques and mediums - standard graphite and colored pencils, watercolor, oil, and pastels.  Our goal is to encourage students to experiment with their creativity and try their hand in any project or idea.  The art classes allow students to pursue refining their techniques, learning new skills or simply enjoying a creative community of like-minded people. We praise everyone to never hold back their creativity and always be proud of their own work and achievements.

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