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We offer Fine Arts lessons for children, teens and adults. To provide you with enough attention, our group sizes are small 3-12 students or private lessons 1-12 participants.

Classes: Drawing, Colored Pencils, Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil Painting, Collage, Pastels and more.

We teach how to draw and paint people, clothes, animals, still life, landscape, illustrations and etc.

Age 4-7:

It’s a once-a-month class for a parent and a child. It's a fun time spent together with your child and a mess free home. Young student learns different skills under assistant of a parent. Our instructor breaks a project into easy steps and provides art supplies. Each time, it’s a different subject. In this age group, kids usually work at their own pace on instructor-provided projects such as a simple abstract subject, still life, landscape, portrait, animals or illustration. The students explore different art techniques: simple pencil, watercolor, colored pencils, markers, pastels, charcoal, air dry clay and colored paper. Students are giving creative freedom in each project.


Ages 8-11:

We concentrate on developing imagination and teach student how to use art materials. Students explore different art techniques, starting with simple pencil, watercolor, tempera, colored pencils, markers, pastels, charcoal, colored paper and more. It's time for them to be creative with some guided assistance and room for imagination. The goal is to help students stay motivated and keep on developing their art skills and creativity. Our instructor breaks the project into steps. She shares knowledge of composition theory and color harmony. Students work at their own pace on instructor-provided projects, such as still life, landscape, portrait, animal, illustration or abstract subject. Each course is unique and the subjects don't repeat, so students can stay motivated through the year and keep on learning new skills. 


Ages 12-18:

First year students start courses in February. They learn basics of traditional drawing and watercolor painting through the year. The second- and third-year students learn acrylic, portrait, landscape, human anatomy and how to work on a personal project from start to finish. 



It is very much dynamic. We offer different medium almost every month, also we have special events. To see updates, check out the website once a month. Also, we always opened to your new requests and suggestions, simply email to us! 



It’s pretty much the same as for ages 8-11 and 12-18, main difference it’s in the morning and all the students are homeschooled. 



It is art materials flexible and your personal goal-oriented classes for all different ages and occasions. You can book it as often as you like, every week or once a month, it’s up to your preferences. 


Summer camps:

4-5 days, art filled 2-3 hours long classes. We explore a lot and discover plenty cool stuff about art and our own creativity. We make friends while being productive. We also play some fun games during brake time. 

See available courses and classes. Please, contact us for any other questions!

Refunds and cancellations policy

At Artsy Mind, we would like you to explore your creativity.  If there’s a class you wish to try but have reservations, we provide a flexible cancellation policy to encourage experimentation with different techniques and trying your hand in a variety of projects.

  • Feel free to book your future class online or by calling or emailing us.  You can cancel your booking any time before the beginning of the course.

  • If you decide to cancel after the first class of a course, we will only bill the class you have attended and refund the rest of the course.

  • If you cannot attend any of your classes, just let us know at least 1 day before the class and we will schedule a make-up class or will provide a refund. In case of cancelation on the day of the class or later, we will schedule a make-up class or will provide 50% refund of the class cost.

  • If cancelation was placed by us, we will refund you back the cost of the canceled lesson if it was paid in advance.

  • No refund provided for Gift Certificates.

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